That’s a Wrap…

After 3 years of filming and thirty interviews we’ve wrapped on filming.

The last couple of interviews have been really great with Lance Mountain and Tony Hawk Foundation exec director Miki Vukovich really helping with their background on the US side of skate history and the story of Rom.

Next step is the edit. With archive footage from Sean Goff and previous interviews from Monkeyglove Matt back in 2005, there’s a huge challenge ahead and we’re planning on around 4 months of full time editing from story construction through VFX, sound design and music composition…

Take a look at the montage of interviews below and you’ll get an idea of how much work this is going to take..

“Why didn’t you interview so and so…etc. etc.”

Honestly this film could go on forever, Rom has touched the lives of so many people. But at some point you have to draw a line in the sand or else the film will NEVER see the light of day – and now time is of the essence, this is the year we need this film out to the wider public, not just in the UK but worldwide, as Rom needs as much support and recognition as it can get as it faces spiralling costs, and declining revenues.

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