Rom Boys Streaming Update

So with most UK independent cinemas still shut for the foreseeable future and even hiring a screen in the UK we’re only allowed 30% capacity (yes we tried) it looks like the world premiere is now confirmed next month in Paris (assuming they don’t go into another lockdown..)

Oh! But now if you go to Paris you’ve got to quarantine yourself for 14 days on your return 🤦🏻‍♂️..

Well I’m going anyway (if it’s going ahead), as the way things are going this looks like the only opportunity to see the film in a proper cinema setting, certainly through the remainder of this year (other UK festivals it had the possibility of screening at are almost certainly unlikely to go ahead).

So if anyone wants to join us (for the screening NOT the 14 days quarantine🤦🏻‍♂️) feel free..

On a positive note we now have a LOCKED IN date for the digital release….Watch this space for updates and clues on that.

And as for 2021…

…What do we all think about an exclusive one off “directors cut” at the park next year with extended interviews (there is so much great stuff that didn’t make the final film), bloopers and outtakes around the time of the Olympics skate and BMX debut and hopefully with an all new shiny Rom back open again… …???

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