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Winner 2020 Paris Surf & Skate Film Festival. Best skate feature

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The Vegas Film Critic – 25th September 2020

Winner, Best Feature Skate Documentary – Paris Surf & Skate Film Festival 2020


Rom Boys is ultimately a triumph,” – ★★★★ – UK Film review


“Skateboarders of a certain age will find this irresistible, and newcomers will be enlightened”The Spinning Image


“There is a reason Rom Boys is picking up awards, it’s easily one of the most well put together and inspiring documentaries I have seen as of late.Nerdly

“This definitely does look rad! And it’s refreshing to hear stories & chat with these people who have a different perspective on life.” First Showing

“Produced and directed by Matt Harris, and premiering in September at the prestigious Paris Surf and Skate festival.” We are Movie Geeks

“Lance Mountain Supports the World’s Only Historically Protected Skatepark”ShockYa

“I’d grade it an A, but other people who know the place, know the people, know the sport, would start adding +’s!”Run & Pee

Shot in full DCI 4K and Featuring over 30 interviews  Harshlight

The Jason Ellis Show on Sirius XM – Radio Interview – 30th September 2020

Podcast Interview with Jamie Roxx – Blog Talk Radio – Friday 2nd October 2020

“As Rom Boys gets going, it quickly makes you realise just how much history there is in that little pocket of Essex.Ride BMX

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