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24 Dec 2020


“There is a reason Rom Boys is picking up awards, it’s easily one of the most well put together and inspiring documentaries I have seen as of late.” Nerdly

24 Dec 2020

The Spinning Image

“Skateboarders of a certain age will find this irresistible, and newcomers will be enlightened” – The Spinning Image

24 Dec 2020

PSSFF Winner

Winner, Best Feature Skate Documentary – Paris Surf & Skate Film Festival 2020

24 Dec 2020

UK Film Review

“Rom Boys is ultimately a triumph,” – ★★★★ – UK Film review

24 Dec 2020

Rotten Tomatoes 100% Fresh

100 Fresh rating on RT, based on 12 verified critics reviews. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/rom_boys_40_years_of_rad