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24 Dec 2020


“There is a reason Rom Boys is picking up awards, it’s easily one of the most well put together and inspiring documentaries I have seen as of late.” Nerdly

24 Dec 2020

The Spinning Image

“Skateboarders of a certain age will find this irresistible, and newcomers will be enlightened” – The Spinning Image

24 Dec 2020

PSSFF Winner

Winner, Best Feature Skate Documentary – Paris Surf & Skate Film Festival 2020

24 Dec 2020

UK Film Review

“Rom Boys is ultimately a triumph,” – ★★★★ – UK Film review

24 Dec 2020

Rotten Tomatoes 100% Fresh

100 Fresh rating on RT, based on 12 verified critics reviews. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/rom_boys_40_years_of_rad

29 Sep 2020

Rom Boys Wins Paris award.

With it’s world premiere at the Paris Surf and Skate Film Festival on Saturday 26th September 2020 with a Q& A session following the film , the following evening “Rom Boys:40 Years of Rad” took home the title of best feature documentary.

24 Aug 2020

New Merch !

In anticipation of the film launch we’re stocking up on new Rom Boys merch, from stickers to posters to new T’s and anything else we think is cool. Take a look over the next few weeks as we’ve got a constant flow of stuff coming online with some VERY awesome collab mashup designs coming up too… Visit out shop to see what’s available

17 Aug 2020

Rom Boys Streaming Update

So with most UK independent cinemas still shut for the foreseeable future and even hiring a screen in the UK we’re only allowed 30% capacity (yes we tried) it looks like the world premiere is now confirmed next month in Paris (assuming they don’t go into another lockdown..) Oh! But now if you go to Paris you’ve got to quarantine yourself for 14 days on your return 🤦🏻‍♂️.. Well I’m going anyway (if it’s going ahead), as the way things are […]

31 Jul 2020

Paris Surf & Skate Film Festival

I don’t need to tell you what a mess this whole COVID-19 situation has made of the world, and no more so than in the film industry with productions halted, cinemas closed and film festivals across the world cancelled. A bit of light in the darkness is that Rom Boys has been selected for the Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival at the end of September. Here’s what they said about the film: “Heavy history at Rom! As long time skateboarders, we […]

26 Jun 2020


They say when you finish a film you think you’ve summited Mount Everest but in reality, because you need to get it distributed, you’ve really only made it to base camp. With the democratisation and ease of making a film there is now so much content out there that getting distribution by a respected company is getting harder and harder and most independent films never make it that far. So with all that competition you have to have a great […]