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Rom Boys: 40 Years of Rad
Rom Boys: 40 Years of Rad
2016 - 2020, UK and US
79 Minutes
England, United States
PWK Films
1091 Media

LOGLINE : When a tragedy strikes the world’s most unique skatepark, a dogged group of skaters, BMXers and street artists team up to fight for it’s survival.

SHORT SYNOPSIS: It’s one of the world's oldest and most unique skateparks, but following a devastating fire, it’s financially on it’s knees. Meet the park’s middle age skaters, BMXers and street artists, who against all the odds, are fighting to keep the park alive for the next generation. Welcome to Britain’s Dogtown.

Shot in stunning 4K this is the first time a feature length documentary has looked at the early British skateboarding and BMX scene from the late seventies and eighties. Rom Boys features archive footage from the past 40 years and over 30 interviews with some of the worlds biggest names in skate and BMX.

Produced & Directed by Matt Harris

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Lance Mountain is a professional skateboarder and artist who was one of the prominent skateboarders throughout the 1980s, primarily due to his involvement with the Bones Brigade.Read More
Racer, freestyler and self proclaimed ``Stuntabiker``. Andy was a household name in the 80's in the UK, fronting such TV shows as BMX Beat, on the newly launched, at the time, Channel 4.Read More
Global brand manager for Haro Bikes John had far from an easy upbringing on the streets of Glasgow. Now based in San Diego a Hollywood movie has been made of his life story.Read More
Bob is pretty much a living legend and known as the Godfather of BMX Freestyle. He was also the Stunt rider in the film ET which introduced BMX to the world.Read More
Tim really is the Original Rom Boy having been hired as a consultant to work on the build of Rom. Still skating today there's no-one who knows park design like Tim.Read More
BMX and skateboarding essentially defined Max's life later being the inspiration for the Gumball 3000 annual international car rally.Read More
TLP are one of the worlds most prolific street artists undertaking commissions around the globe from skyscrapers to restaurants.Read More
``Rom is just part of who I am``. Zach has ridden at Rom longer than most and owns the pool like no-one else.Read More

…Plus many more

Rom Boys Wins Paris award.
With it’s world premiere at the Paris Surf and Skate Film Festival on Saturday 26th September 2020 with a Q& A session following the film , the following evening “Rom Boys:40 Years of Rad” took home the title of best feature documentary.
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In anticipation of the film launch we’re stocking up on new Rom Boys merch, from stickers to posters to new T’s and anything else we think is cool. Take a look over the next few weeks as we’ve got a constant flow of stuff coming online with some VERY awesome collab mashup designs coming up...
Rom Boys Streaming Update
So with most UK independent cinemas still shut for the foreseeable future and even hiring a screen in the UK we’re only allowed 30% capacity (yes we tried) it looks like the world premiere is now confirmed next month in Paris (assuming they don’t go into another lockdown..) Oh! But now if you go to...
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Rom Boys Wins Paris award.
New Merch !
Rom Boys Streaming Update
Paris Surf & Skate Film Festival