Rom Boys : 40 Years of Rad is a feature length documentary currently in production highlighting the history of Rom Skatepark, in Hornchurch. The only full size skatepark in the world to be historically listed.

Rom is a unique example of urban industrial skate architecture from the 70’s and still considered today as one of the gnarliest skateparks in the world.

This film covers the history of the park and it’s users, from the skaters of the 70’s to the BMX’ers of the 80’s through to the old skool skaters, many now in their fifties who keep the park alive today.

The film is aiming for a 2018 release date to tie in with Rom’s 40th anniversary.


“Rom today is the biggest, largest, best skatepark in the world to have any kind of historic preservation”.

Professor Iain Borden

“The pool is the thing above all which is special. But not only is it a pool, it’s a tough scary bastard of a pool”.

Professor Iain Borden